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"T4S provide GL with a one-stop-shop for our Tree Management activities, giving GL personnel peace of mind when employing T4S to carry out our works."
Andy MacLeod,
George Leslie.

tree-surgery-servicesT4S Tree Surgeons are experienced in all elements of tree work, highly competitive on price and pride ourselves on our customer service. Our range of expertise is vast and includes:


  • Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the sensitive removal of a selected proportion of secondary and small live branch growth throughout the crown. This does not affect the overall size of the crown but allows more air and light into and throughout the canopy and reduces the weight on heavy limbs. Thinning the crown will also allow strong winds to past through with less resistance on the canopy. This process has a significant impact on the life span of more mature trees.

  • Crown Reduction

We are often asked to carry out Crown Reduction. In many cases, this technique can allow the further conservation of trees where structural problems might otherwise lead to the loss of a valuable tree. Pollarding techniques are usually used when the crown of a deciduous tree has grown too large for its location. It may also be used in cases where severe defects/weaknesses are making the tree unstable. When executed correctly, this technique can allow for quick re-growth of the subject tree. Before any work is carried out, T4S Tree Surgeons will discuss all aspects of the service with the client as required.

  • Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is where we remove the dying/broken branches and possible diseased wood. This can significantly improve the overall health of the tree and is very important for both conservation and public safety whether the tree is in a private garden or next to a busy footpath or road.

  • Branch and limb removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove certain branches of a trees crown, without fully reducing, thinning or lifting the crown. For example, if a large branch or number of branches have travelled over a neighbouring boundary, it may be required that the limbs are reduced back to the boundary, or through storm damage where a limb may be fractured and still connected. This process generally involves removing as little live growth as possible to ensure the health and stability of the tree.

  • Formative and Cultural Pruning

To encourage early crown formation in younger trees, we often carry out small tasks such as formative and cultural pruning. Removing overlapping and badly developed branches heightens the overall safety and long-term health of the tree.


We have dismantled many trees in both large and small spaces including areas where access is extremely difficult.

We are capable of using various crane techniques whilst complying with all site safety requirements. Our skilled climbers are trained to carry out this kind of work confidently using various high climbing and lowering techniques. This usually calls for special techniques to remove both stem sections and canopies by rope and then lowering them to the ground for disposal.


Sometimes the condition of a tree can be so insecure, that a complete removal becomes the necessary option. T4S Tree Surgeons can control the overall direction of falling trees using various winching techniques if a good area of space is available. If there is not the space then we simply dismantle the tree in a controlled safe manner with climbers and lowering equipment to reduce any risk of damage to surrounding property and infrastructure.


T4S offers a professional stump grinding service, where we will come and remove the smallest to the largest of tree stumps. Tree stumps are usually an eye sore, difficult to mow round, and heighten the risk of affecting other trees by attracting fungus and other wood rotting organisms.

We are able to remove your tree stumps with grinders of various sizes that are both fast and effective. We can carry this procedure out up to a maximum depth of 300mm below ground level. The location of the old tree stump can then be filled with topsoil allowing for replacement turf or landscaping.


Many gardens feature a hedge of some description that provide privacy, security and wildlife habitat. Trimming the hedge at regular intervals ensures the hedge remains neat, tidy and an attractive feature of your garden.

Leylandii hedges can grow to excessive heights and require regular attention to conform to the High Hedges Act.


A key part of our operation is to ensure that nothing goes to waste and hence we supply firewood and woodchip.

  • Logs

If you need logs for your fire then give us a call and we can organize to have some delivered. All of our logs have been cut to short lengths, split bagged and seasoned. Softwood and hardwood available.

  • Woodchip

We produce large quantities of woodchip that can be used for equestrian, horticultural and path surfacing purposes.

“T4S offer a professional friendly service and deal with all manner of site clearance, access clearance and reinstatement works for our storm sewer screen projects. This can range from clearing a small tree from an access route, to large tree felling and site clearance works where site working room and access are usually at a premium.”

Andy MacLeod, Construction Manager, George Leslie Ltd.