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"T4S provide GL with a one-stop-shop for our Tree Management activities, giving GL personnel peace of mind when employing T4S to carry out our works."
Andy MacLeod,
George Leslie.

tree-surgery-consultancyT4S Tree Surgeons are qualified to give advice on a broad range of tree matters relating to conservation and planning.

Tree Surveying

At T4S, we recommend that all trees should be checked at least once per year to check for possible damage and defects. Tree owners are advised to look carefully at their trees for signs of fungal activity at the base and root system (particularly noticeable in the autumn) and for dead and diseased branches and cavities in the stem and crown.

We are happy to perform site visits and carry out visual inspections. We may also suggest aerial inspections to determine any possible defects in the crown that cannot be seen from ground level.


  • Do I need permission to cut down my tree?

If you live in Conservation Area consent has to be given by the Local Authority. You do not require permission if the stem diameter is less than 7.5cms. Trees in a Conservation Area require a 6-week notice of intent. If after that time no written confirmation has been received the work can proceed.

If the tree has a Tree Preservation Order you need consent from the Local Authority before any work is carried out. This normally takes approximately 8 weeks. A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) covers individual trees or a group of trees and you require approval from the Local Authority before any work can commence.

If a tree is dead or dangerous you may not need any permission to remove the tree or make it safe.

  • My tree has a preservation order on it; can you make the application on my behalf?

We will make an application on your behalf, at no extra cost. We will keep you informed and process the application as quickly as possible.

  • What happens if I use a company who is not insured?

You could be liable for any accident the operator may have. This could be to your property or your neighbours property. It could be personal injury to anyone, including any assistant with the operator or the operator himself. The advice would be not to use uninsured tree surgeons. T4S Tree Surgeons surgeons have a 5 million public liability Insurance policy and 10 million in employers liability cover along with professional indemnity.

  • Can you give me a quote over the telephone?

It is impossible to cost a tree work job over the phone. Every tree is different, so we offer a free of charge quote with no obligation. We will come to your property and inspect your trees and give you professional advice and a quotation. This is all free with no obligation and arranged at a time to suit you.

  • Is there a right time to prune a tree?

Trees vary in species. Most trees can be pruned at any time of the year, with a few exceptions:

It is best to prune cherry, plum and related trees soon after flowering. This reduces the risk of infection.
It is best not to prune maple and birch in the spring to avoid them exuding sap.
Walnut and magnolia should only be pruned at the height of summer.

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