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"T4S provide GL with a one-stop-shop for our Tree Management activities, giving GL personnel peace of mind when employing T4S to carry out our works."
Andy MacLeod,
George Leslie.

LogsFire Wood

T4S supplies seasoned hardwood firewood logs delivered directly to your door. Our logs are cut to 8 inch lengths, split and placed in drying sheds where they are regularly checked for moisture content to ensure optimum burn.

All of our logs are sourced locally from jobs undertaken by our tree surgeons – and for every mature tree we fell we replant two more with Trees4Scotland in one of their managed woodlands. This makes the logs you purchase totally sustainable.

Firewood Prices       

  • Large bag of Hardwood Logs

Containing a mix of hardwood logs cut into approximate 8 inch lengths and barn dried to about 20% moisture content.  The large bags are a meter cubed – similar in size to a large builders bag.

Cost = £70 delivered.

  • Carry Sized Nets

These nets of logs provide a convenient solution to those customers who live in a flat or where accees is not available for our truck.  The nets are filled with the same seasoned hardwood logs as the larger bulk bags described above.  They are approximently 15 kilos per bag.

Cost = £4.50 per bag delivered (minimum order of 10 bags)

We urge you to pre order your winter supply so that we can set the bags aside for you (and store them) ensuring that you will not run out!

To order call us now on 0141 583 2455

We can also cater for larger orders of both hard and soft wood – whatever is your preference.

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