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Invasive WeedsInvasive weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, are increasingly becoming a problem and unless dealt with correctly will not go away.  If you have some near your property or on your land then you have a responsibility to deal with it otherwise it will continue to spread.  It is a strong plant that can break through tarmac and is even becoming a threat to getting a mortgage if it is found near your property.

If you have encountered this weed or any others then please get in touch as our team can provide a survey, advice and recommended actions and ultimately help you deal with the problem.


Following the recent well publicised incident when a yound welsh lad came into contact with Giant Hogweed and was scarred for life the subject of invasive weeds has really come to the fore.

We at T4S have trained operators experienced at dealing with all forms of invasive weeds including Giant Hogweed and we would advise if you have any doubts about what plants may be then please get in touch for some free advice.

Although an impressive sight when fully grown, giant hogweed is invasive and potentially harmful. Chemicals in the sap can cause photodermatitis or photosensitivity, where the skin becomes very sensitive to sunlight and may suffer blistering, pigmentation and long-lasting scars.

The giant hogweeds are usually referred to by one name, Heracleum mantegazzianum. They have high levels of furanocoumarins (the chemicals which cause burning by making the skin sensitive to sunlight) and so all pose a risk to public health.

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